Jane-LazenbyI am Jane Lazenby, the artist behind the paintings, drawings and Gracie & Company product line.

Growing up, I have always loved art, loved to doodle, paint and do anything crafty!!

As an 11 year old child, I remember a very large clown that I made in 6th grade art class. It was a clown head and body made from tons of tiny little torn pieces of magazine paper. Mother had it framed and hung at our house for years. Many years later, after she passed away, I found it in the basement in her office, broken glass but still framed. Mother was always so proud of anything we kids did. It was through her encouragement that I was inspired to learn more and do more with my art. She always made me feel that I could do anything I wanted to do. She was such a big part of me growing as an artist.

I have been a stay at home Mom while my children were growing up. My baby is now 26, graduated and on her own in here in Birmingham. My boys are both married and  live in town near us. We now have 2 grandsons  and have entered in the wonderful world of Grandparenting!! With no children at home, and me wondering what I am going to do with my life in this new chapter that I am entering, I have more time to work on my art and try to figure it all out…


During these last few years, I have been anxious to learn all I can about mixed media art. Love to try new backgrounds. I have been learning to “let go” and to embrace ‘Happy mistakes”.. There is never a mistake that cannot be covered up or turned into something different.

I design note cards and have them packaged to sell wholesale or retail. I consider myself  a self taught mixed media artist.  I  love to take online classes with some of my favorite artists,  to help me grow my style.

Some of my favorite materials to use are acrylic, spray inks, watercolors, vintage sheet music, oil sticks, stabilo pencils, watercolor crayons and pencils.

I love using my paintings to scan and use behind the words on my invitations to make an original piece of art. No two are alike.

My desire and always my goal is to let God shine through my art.

My hope is that my pieces will inspire, encourage, comfort and uplift.

This is my life journey, my daily journal written with God`s extravagant grace that He freely gives me each day… During this new season of mine, I have come to realize that I am “Becoming” and He is not finished with me yet .